Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creating your own unusual pictures

A friend just made me aware of this site :

Its very easy to use, available in most languages. Simply chose the outset you like, download your photo and voila !

The pictures are really coming out great.

Give it a try and surprise your loved once with your own creation :)

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A note from the Universe

is always making my day ...

One of the first once I have received when I signed up was the following :

"Sometimes, Silvia, when things take longer than you thought they would, it's just a gentle reminder from your greater self (me), that you have more time than you thought, and that there's a journey to enjoy.

Yeah, like all the time in the world.
The Universe"

By now I have received many more and it never stops to amaze me how timely the comments do come in

Mike Dooley, who came up with those, certainly has a way to make a person's day :)

If you want to receive your free daily inspiration from Mike , simply sign up on his website :

Wishing everyone an inspired day

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is happiness

and where is it coming from ?

My strong believe is that happiness comes from within. If I am not happy I can't give to others what I expect in return like a smile love, appreciation and much more.

Before I left Germany I sometimes took walks into the City and on my way I greeted strangers , simply smiled and wished them a great day but it was rarely reciprocated. When I walked to the cashier in a big store to pay for something I bought and were friendly and wished them a great day before I left I was stared at like I was from another planet and I have to admit it bugged me. It was one of the reasons I wanted to leave.

When I moved to The Bahamas one of the great experiences was, that everyone seemed to be happy ( on the outside I might add) but just getting a smile back was like a revelation.

I remember at one point I had to use the public bus due to the fact that my car broke down on me ...I went into that little bus to go downtown, then all of a sudden the driver and an older Lady beside me started singing !! A happy song and eventually the older Lady just clutched my hand and smiled at me while she went ahead singing . When I left the bus I was so uplifted, I can't describe it in words....

After living there for such a long time I adopted the attitude of being friendly no matter how you feel - fake it 'til you make it but every smile I send out, every nice word is coming back and it's wonderful !

Happiness comes from within ..It is what you make of things . You can have a bad day but try to smile at someone while you are in the middle of it and if you get that smile back it will make your day.

Nobody and nothing outside can give you happiness if you do not allow it to happen !

Give a smile and it will return to you, give a praise and lift someone else"s spirit which in return will lift your's

Happy day to you !

The Law of Attraction

Who hasn’t heard of and who is not fascinated by the alleged simplicity of it?

I assume there are not many left but why do I say: the „alleged“ simplicity?

Most have watched The Secret, read a tremendous amount of articles and/or books and yet the Law seems to be not working ...or so we think ☺

I do believe that many out there have tried everything mentioned in the book but they still feel they are stuck just where they are and I say that if you feel that way you just gave up to easy. The Law of attraction is working BUT in „His“ time and not in our’s.

We need/want help, money, a partner, a car etc NOW and we start to shift our thinking in the right direction and expect miracles to happen right away. If this is not the case and if we do not see tangible results within a certain time frame we do dismiss the law and we are just as far away from our dreams than when we started if not further because we are discouraged.

What we have to take into consideration is that THE LAW is indeed working but as a seed planted into the ground, our thoughts or their realization need time to come into our reality.

Be patient and stick to your dreams